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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly--About Me

This is an interesting challenge for AR bloggers--have to really think about what I want to admit about myself regarding faults!  Fortunately, I think I have more good habits than bad!  Here we go:


One of my Good Habits

Exercising!  Several years ago I joined a workout class and I have been consistantly going four days a week, getting up at 5:30am to get it done!  It's tempting at times to stay under the covers, especially on the cold winter mornings.  However, I have noticed that my body has adjusted to the schedule and quite often I will wake up a few minutes before the alarm.  Although I still have a sagging-in-places middle aged body, exercising does help keep the weight down. Another bonus:  I love the podcasts I listen to during the workout!


One of my Bad Habits

Sweets addiction!  Yes, I have a sweet tooth.  I try not to indulge too  much, but after dinner I do get a craving for a piece of chocolate or cookies and milk.  Fortunately, I bake my own treats and stick with low sugar and whole grain flour in the recipes.  I do like baking and find that it's difficult for me to eat pre-processed doughnuts, cakes and cookies because they just don't have the same flavor as home made. So it is easier to not indulge on store bought treats in the office.


One of my Ugly Habits

Easily Annoyed!  I really have to reign this one in.  I can get easily annoyed at another agent or a client if they ask for the same information over and over again after I've already provided it--or if I ask them for a document or follow up info and there is no I have to keep asking and asking.  I tell myself "don't sweat the small stuff; this is just how most people are".  Still, I get annoyed with myself for having this problem!


So there you go..just writing about the bad and ugly habit is making me more conscious of this behavior. Last night I just had a piece of dark chocolate as my dessert!  

Mary Hutchison, SRES, ABR

(Brookside/Armour Hills resident, local business supporter, NPR fan, Habitat ReStore volunteer, thankful for the gift of another day!)


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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly--About Me
This is an interesting challenge for AR bloggers--have to really think about what I want to admit about myself regarding faults! Fortunately, I think I have more good habits than bad! Here we go: One of my Good Habits Exercising! Several years… more
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