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Don't Be Rude, I'm Just Doing My Job

Open houses....some agents like them, some agents refuse to do them.  Personally, I enjoy open houses.  If there isn't a lot of traffic, I always bring a book or paperwork to use during the quiet time.  If lots of people come through--I enjoy talking with the guests, promoting the house, meeting the neighbors.

Some people coming through are friendly and talkative.  More often I sense a suspicion after walking in, almost a vibe of 'don't talk to me, I don't want to hear your sales pitch'.  Those folks I leave alone. But their suspicion of an agent 'pouncing'' on them isn't usually what happens. I  know of only one agent who actually follows guests around during an open house--that's just creepy. If that happened to me, I would want to get out of the house as fast as possible.

No one likes a strong sales pitch.  I feel for those greeters in retail stores, required to say 'hello, what can I help you with today?". Or the worst phrase to hear is "Are you doing OK?".  Well, yes, I'm fine--I will search you out if I need something.  These workers are required to talk to customers and I realize they are just doing their job. Always, I at least respond with a smile, a 'thanks--appreciate your offer', rather than just a grunt or  ignoring them.

I'd like to see the same courtesy at open houses from those who stop in for a visit.  Yes, I'm here to promote the house, tell you about the features, hopefully strike up a pleasant conversation. However, Mr. Visitor, if you don't want to talk--at least extend some common courtesy towards the agent. Why not take an honest approach?  "Hi Ms Agent, I'm a neighbor, mind if I look around?" or "Hi, saw this listing on line and my agent told me it was open. I'm going to look around".  If you have questions--ask!  If you have comments about the property after you tour it, tell me!  Sellers want to hear your thoughts--and if you, Mr Visitor are a seller, you want to know what others think of your house, right?  If you don't want to talk, that's OK too, but there is no reason to be rude and ignore the agent.

Open houses can be enjoyable for agents and the visitors. Both parties can learn a lot.  If you are taking the time to tour homes, take a moment to achknowledge and respond to the agent.  After all, she's just doing her job--just like everyone else.



Mary Hutchison, SRES, ABR

(Brookside/Armour Hills resident, local business supporter, NPR fan, Habitat ReStore volunteer, thankful for the gift of another day!)


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