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The Thankful Challenge--Grateful for What I Learn From Clients

It's another Thanksgiving themed challenge--and in my opinion, can't be thankful enough for the priviledges I have. I've worked hard to be successful, and I'm also grateful for the mistakes and problems I've had through the years.  Learning opportunities!

Here are a few specific things I want to write about as I've thought about this challenge:

1)    I'm grateful for buyers that understand I need to stick to a schedule. With inventory so tight, I rarely schedule any social activities for Thursdays-Saturdays (easier now during COVID!). That's when new listings pop on the market here in Kansas City, and I want to  be available for my buyers to show them new inventory.  My buyers understand though, that I'm often working with more than one buyer at a time-- we have a conversation about how I juggle my time so each buyer knows what to expect when I can show them listings.  It always works out if we communicate in advance!


2)   I'm grateful for buyers that make clean, agressive offers on new listings.  Again, with such tight inventory and so many homes having multiple offers, I'm thankful for those buyers that understand--sellers have all the power right now and we have to play the game as best we can.  My buyers understand they have to make their best offer up front--and if they don't win, they can't regret getting beat out due to circumstances beyond their control.


3)  I'm grateful I learned to turn down out of town investors.  It seems like every few months, there is some seminar in California about real estate investing and that Kansas City is a good spot to park your money.  I get 2-3 calls from first time investors who really have no idea what they want, just that they want 'investement property'.  Some of these people would probably turn out to be profitable customers for me but I just don't have time to try and make it happen. I don't know anything about rental prices, I'm not going to suggest contractors for an owner who won't even come to KC to look at homes. These people are better served by agents who consistantly work with out of town money.


4)  I am especially grateful for clients who tell me I did a good job!  Those clients that actually take the time to say Thank You and I Appreciate You.  Of course, I make a point to share my thanks with clients for their business but it's so nice to know I'm appreciated too!


5)  I'm grateful for sellers who listen and respect my opinion.  Recently I listed a home that my sellers used as an AirBNB.  This small house, built in the early 1900s, had very little closet space.  This objection came up a few times the first day it was on the market.  We discussed the situation and I suggested they go by IKEA and get some sort of rack or storage system to solve the issue.  My sellers immediately went out and bought a few things, and spend a Saturday night putting it together for the Sunday open house (photos below--"closet" was installed along the wall where the chair was.) Offer received!  I also appreciate sellers who really look at the comps objectively and price at market value.





Mary Hutchison, SRES, ABR

(Brookside/Armour Hills resident, local business supporter, NPR fan, Habitat ReStore volunteer, thankful for the gift of another day!)


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The Thankful Challenge--Grateful for What I Learn From Clients
It's another Thanksgiving themed challenge--and in my opinion, can't be thankful enough for the priviledges I have. I've worked hard to be successful, and I'm also grateful for the mistakes and problems I've had through the years. Learning… more
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